Star Wars Galaxies

Anyone else play it?

Good game appart from the fact that SOE always seems to mess something up+there customer service is not the best in the buisness.

Then there is the holo grind which took me like 6 months to complete for my cloaks.

But there are more pros to the game then cons i belive such as the pvp system, and the heroics.

I played as an NGE JEDI(Im expecting hate from the pre-cuers) 5 piece in heroism+Guardian set as well.New Cloaks, and i belive my highest rank in the empire was captain.

The game is going to lose most of its player base with the release of kotor im sure, the current pvp updates that they are releasing are hurting the game.

So yeah if any of you knew me from the game my name was Tedrif Kun’ Server=Bria

I played for a couple of months, was way to buggy back then though. Im sure its alot more fun now, but I never did have the want to play it again. Just waiting til bioware finishes old republic. If its everything im hoping it will be then Ill explode.

yea it is still a little buggy they fixed quite a few bugs, but they are adding stupid stuff now adays, which makes everyone want to leave the game when old republic comes out.

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