Faces waaa!!!!

DX I don’t know how i can put faces onto a class i have two on a magical way but i need the 3rd class to have a face too! and with face i mean portrait you know on the stats menu that face. Plz help. :(

Make the face number the same as the sprite number.

oh i tried that but it didn’t work for some reason… :I I’ll try it again and thanks for trying to help!

oh ur a developer i see, i think ur right i’m gonna try again

OHHHHH!!! I AM SOOO STUPID i saved the third face as a png XD it had to be a 24bitthing XD sorry guys

how can i make this post solved? i’m a total noob

Edit the first post in the full editor. There you should be able to change the tag.

quadra post!

Nicely done, looks like you will be successful with eclipse, good luck.

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