Problems whit vb6

So im having a very anoying ‘bug’ whit vb6 not my source it has to do something whit a missing dll file but whit that long number code i can’t figure out wich dll file is missing i already reinstalled VB6 the pack and the runtimes 3 times.

This is working on my other pc. But not on the one i’m on now.

You probably relocated the source directory where vb6 picks off modules. Just be sure to check if it exist o the same directory where everything else is. Set the destination that missing module or add it to your project box.

I didn’t change anything

I think it is the dll file but i have to know what dll file i’m missing

Edit 1: I installed silverdale a while ago and i deleted it again whit the dll’s of silverdale but i think that the registry didn’t correclty reregistered the basic eclipse runtimes.

Edit 2: Now i’m installing silverdale classic again hope it works

Edit 3: That was the problem woot i fixed it kinda weird that the runtimes of Eclipse doesn’t register in the registry and that SIlverdale does that but whatever its working now thanks Lavos for the reply now i can start developing my game again :)

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