I cant find all things

I cant find my potions or gold for i cant scroll that far down and that really boring a game without potions and money :sad:. can someone plz help me?

I’ve been talking with Vibbi in the chat so let me clarify.

He wants to make some potions and gold items in hit game.
However the non-paperdolled items are so far down in the item list that he can’t reach them.
Simply because  the scrollbar can’t go down any further. Now I can’t help him any further so I hope someone here can.

Regards, Xeross

If he could upload his items.bmp, then I can fix it up for him (so he can access those other items).

Here’s the link to the client download.

The items its in the GFX.

But do you know how to set my IP to the IP i have on Hamachi?

There are plenty of Hamachi tutorials lying around, you’ll have to check some of them out.

Anyway, here is the new Items.bmp

It’s not because it’s too long, but it was because the actual items were in the middle and not the end, so it gives the impression it’s too long.

Either way, I put some of the icons on the top, and I stripped the bottom so you can access those too.

I still don’t have the items  :sad:  :sad:


I still don’t have the items  :sad:  :sad:

You replace your old Items.bmp with the one I gave you, then restarted your client, right?
Slow me a screenshot of your item editor.

how do i do that?


how do i do that?

How do you take a screenshot?
I would suggest consulting google.

how can i send it to you?

and can you say howt to set in new sprites?


and can you say howt to set in new sprites?

For both cases, I’d recomend you consult the tutorials board.
These two topics should help:


I have the items now :azn: but i can’t get new sprites :sad:


I have the items now :azn: but i can’t get new sprites :sad:

Check out that tutorial I linked above, where you edit the Sprites.bmp file in the Client\GFX\ folder.
That’s where you add sprites 🙂

can you do it for me?

i just send the client then you send it back after you fix it that

Here’s the client download link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5dh6ml

Fix what exactly?

I still have no screenshot, or what your problem is (you said you can’t add sprites?  What sprites are you trying to add?)

Either way, I’m at college and I can’t download anything.

i want dose sprites and my old

sorry i don’t know how to set it in

Vibbi, what’s your native language?  Because I’m having a hard time understanding you, as if you’re using a translator.

To use those sprites, just open them up in Microsoft Paint (or the image editor of your choice), select all of them and hit “Copy”.  Then, “Paste” them into your Sprites.bmp (that’s in the Client\GFX\ folder); it’s that simple 🙂

I’m speaking Norwegians and i don’t know how to do that i have tried very many times to get it working :sad:

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