Origin Spark

Origin Spark is a project I originally started last year along with a few others, and it has a few spots open in our team. Currently, this project is heavy on the graphical aspect, but we need assistance on the programming side. What we’re looking for as a member in our team is someone who enjoys developing games, has a good attitude, and is easy to cooperate with. While we are looking for people who are more experienced, don’t let yourself be discouraged if you don’t think you will meet the requirements, because we’re also looking for members with positive qualities. At the current state of the game, the ideas are very flexible, so feel free to give your input as a member of the team!

! In the beginning, humans were created by a powerful immortal being. They resembled him in shape, and posture. He was strict and unforgiving, and the humans were expected to worship him as a god. They were treated poorly by their creator for many decades. He had kept the humans within his control for many years, but the humans were made to have the mind and potential of their own creator and soon began to rebel. A group of seven humans worked together to attempt to imprison their ruthless creator, but his strength was to much to be contained. They were forced to divide his energy into five seeds. These five seeds stored immense power, and were distributed between five great tribes who inhabited the world. Tradition decrees that the seed must only be passed on to those with royal blood, direct descendants of those who ruled the tribes. That is, until, the Origin seed, ruled by the Origin tribe, was stolen in the middle of the night. The exile, the king’s brother, had taken his revenge on them. With the seed, he grew powerful, and more crazed than ever to wreak destruction upon those who had rendered his life miserable those past ten years. The tyrant, ruled alone. The Origin seed alone was his army, forced to do his bidding. He also hid the four other seeds in the far corners of the world. He crushed anyone who stood in his way. One by one, family by family, tribe by tribe, everything was destroyed, and he had no mercy. He killed all who defied him, and all who he thought would. Everyone was killed, except a handful of men who were the last people who had escaped the tyranny of the king’s brother. They fought as they never had fought before, but soon enough, the extreme power of the Origin seed overwhelmed them, and they were tossed into the burning pit of hell.
! The king’s brother declared the world his, and began to build his empire of doom, with the Origin seed making him immortal. But, the prisoners, slaves forced to work, soon rebelled, and hatched a plan to overthrow the great tyrant. Together, they created a hallow sabre, and destroyed the evil blanketed over the realm. Legend has it, that the seed first unwillingly battle scars a devil, dies, and becomes a tree. Then, the tree releases a new seed, each one stronger than the last, and battle scars a hero with a pure heart and good intent. Many years later, the hero found a tree and rested on it with mortal wounds from many days of battling. However, when he awoke, he found his wounds healed, and a tiny seed clutched in his hand. Soon enough, he had a relevation, and realized the seed was the legendary Origin seed. The hero became to be a wise and kind ruler, and once again, the world was at peace. When the great king was at his deathbed, he hid the Origin seed, telling the location only to his most loyal companions, and when they also died, the secret was lost, recognized only as a fable. Centuries later, our story begins. You, a bold adventurer sets out in the world to find the Origin seed, and once again regain the peace that had been lost when the Origin seed was hidden. You begin your journey in a little town called Vasilias, where the Origin tribe was born. Along with many others, you begin the quest to find the Origin seed.

! Just need a pixel artist for equipment 🙂
! Rabbat
! Positions
If your position is not available but you would still like to apply, feel free to do so. We’re always ready to welcome more talented people into our team, however your application will most likely not be a priority. We will require a few examples of previous work.
! * A composer that can make songs and loops, and a SFX artist.

  • A pixel artist that specializes in animations, sprites and equipment preferably.
  • A content designer that can help with map designs and lore.

! Applications
Post your applications here. We would like you to provide a few examples of your work, as well as a reason to why you would like to work with us.
! The Team
The team consists of two capable programmers, and two pixel artist, one being my self. We are looking for an additional pixel artist who can help along with the animation. If payment is completely necessary, I may be willing to pay, however our budget is very low. The applicant must be able to do animations similar to the ones below:
! Contact Information
If you have any questions or concerns you can PM me here, email me at [email protected] or add me on skype: iarewinglee

I really like the pixel art mate.

You and Kreator both have very impressive art. Good luck with the project. :)

Yeah the art is impressive!!

I also like the GUI (Which is actually part of the art but ^^)

PS: Glad it belongs to skideria ;)

Looks very nice

Yeah the art is impressive!!

PS: Glad it belongs to skideria ;)

I don’t think it belongs to Skideria. It’s just a merge such as an affiliate program.

can you make this a engine please and make ur game to please

Just a little heads up to tell you all that the programmer spot has been occupied, you may still apply if you want however. We are currently looking for more pixel artist to help along with the project!

I might be able to assist with Equipment Sprites and Content.

Still looking for a pixel artist to work on some animations with me :)

I’m a programmer. You can see a fraction of the work I’ve performed in the recently released Eclipse - The Final Frontier. (Link in my signature)

I was dormant for the first 4 years and decided to bring my hobby out of the woodwork now.

I’m not looking for employment, but I’ll offer my knowledge and skill if you need it.


Fantastic artwork Wing.


Still looking for another pixel artist! :)

A picture with some updated tiles here!

Hi, Wing 🙂

New screenshot looks good 🙂

Amazing work, Wing.

Keep it up, I’d like to play Origin Spark.

New screenshot looks good 🙂

Amazing work, Wing.

Keep it up, I’d like to play Origin Spark.

Thanks! Hopefully it won’t be too long until you will be able to 🙂

Still looking for a pixel artist!

Just need a pixel artist for equipment 🙂


What if someone falls of the cliff? Is the water deep enough to stop them from killing themselves?

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