NPC Convo

So im using EO with altars quest system 1.2 and i can edit the npc that came with the engine to say different things except none of my newly created npc talk. i made my npc match EXACTLY what the premade npc had in the npc editor so it must be something else right what am i missing?

Wiped your maps and other relevant data files?

does the npc have any stats?

ie health, mp, attack all of those need at least a few stats

i replicated my npc to look same as the premade npc. that did have a conversation with me

show it’s stats (in the editor) please

Fairly certain you need the health to be set to 1. Nothing else, just the hp or you’ll get the NPC’s ‘Say Message’ popping up even if it’s blank. Also, if all you want is a conversation, I recommend using the Event System. Just saying.

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