Need Info About Making Monsters

Hello and thanks for your time. I am seeking to create static monsters that look like the ones on Jackal27 profiles signature.;u=1181 For another look at ExAcTLy what I want to create, please login as a guest (play now button) on and fight a couple different monsters.  Please let me know any details on how to do this, including the program/s I will need & maybe what goes into it. They don’t need to be animated necessarily, but they have to be integratable into .cfm (Cold Fusion). Any help anybody can give me will be VeRy much appreciated. Thanks. :azn:

I’m assuming this isnt eclipse related and should be lock and burned.

My friend, this board is for discussing the overall design of games.  Not for requests.

Also, we can only provide requests for Eclipse-made games and projects.

If you would like help on getting started with the Eclipse engine, please feel free to try it out 🙂

PS: We do have a Tutorials board, which can assist you in getting started with making your own sprites though

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