Drawing char on menu screen

so… i been trying to get some modifications in a normal 2.0 eo.

things like hair etc, which works wonderfull ingame, because we can draw ontop of things ingame, but that wont work in the create character screen on the main menu, so my question is, does anybody know a way to get that to work?

thanx in advance :P

use dx8 to draw a new “game” showing only the character

or whatver

its dx7 mate :P

meh same difference =P

Yeah I’m tried it out, BltToDC didn’t work, because she doesn’t cut out the background of an image. If only I was able to trans the outside of the damn image, because right now, it would work beautifully except for that… The concept is there, if you can transparent the background and you would have hair on the head.

I attached the source edit I did, and you can try it out or try to see if someone else can actually get it going. I’m pretty much stumped… BltFast would do the trick, but I’ve been err’n about how to switch the BackBuffer to another picture box control, if that’s even possible. 😕

Even if going the BltFast route, it seems like it would need to be in a loop, which I’ve tried from the very start, found out the GameLoop starts only when the player is actually in-game lol.

Anyways, just do ctrl+f to find CreateFace and CreateHair , most of my code would deal with those two entries.

(Disclamer; Just to clarify that my experience in rendering is close to null… So be very cautious when looking at that code lol, coding I’m sure could be optimised and better performed…)

thanx for trying man, thats as far as i came too :P


you could just use the picbox paint and do it manually it think, might be slow but meh

errr… any code to show what you mean?

as much as i can try too image an idea on what you’re trying to do, i can’t. You think you can post up some screenshots about it?

i dunno whats to understand , its just so we can modify our characters, while creating a new one.

so you select a hairtype, and it shows on the sprite preview on char create screen.

select different clothes, and the clothes on the preview change etc.

like here > http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/index.php?/topic/123485-csde-character-customization-gender-hair/

but then in a dx7 EO

seriously? alright you know what, this is going to need a InMenu Boolean and a bunch of other stuff you need to declare and set it up on the gameloop above InGame.

Create a sub routine for rendering that would replace NewCharacterBltSprite.and finally flip and render everything to frmMenu

Have this below the routine after setting up a rect for the sprite:

DX7.GetWindowRect frmMenu.picCreate.hwnd, dRECT

DDS_Primary.Blt dRECT, DDS_BackBuffer, sRECT, DDBLT_WAIT

This is just an idea on how it will work. Hence letting it be brief.

I’m going to get started on this now so I could post a better idea on gettting this to work.

hope you figure that out, because i have a whole system ready, eyes, shirt, base sprite, hair and pants.

but that looks awfull xd

Christ, I spent the whole night trying to figure this out. For some reason vb6 doesn’t like it when i create more buffers on a separate form or picturebox. I tried linking them to another picturebox though im having the problem of this code.

DD_Clip.SetHWnd frmMain.picScreen.hWnd

Its not allowing me to create a duplicate.

Best bet is to just to just use bltfast, render the whole Menu with collision and get rid of frmMenu.

but thats just too much to do. =(

well, thanx for trying man 🙂

guess its to much for dx7 :(

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