Squiddle Online's Ingame Menu! Please rate =).

Hi everyone =). Well, I decided to finally get Source, so I made a nice Squiddle Online menu. Please rate and comment, I hope for some helpfull ideas, as it was my first REAL custom menu ^.^.

i love it considering its a simple game

Ty, I just want to do something with that big blank brown space in the left collumn, and also I’m going to either makethe text in the EXP/HP/MP bars black or make the bars themselves darker colours, as the EXP bar’s text is hard to see.

Love it! looks very good with the simplistic graphics; win!

oh god…

1. this goes in gfx showoff.
2. no detail at all.
3. the yellow experience stops you from reading the numbers.
4. its a bunch of squares.
S. thats right S. no edges.

horrible at the least.

but the idea is good.

I’d have to agree with Hippoman a bit on his points.

1. True. I’ll move it.

2. I kinda think that’s the point. I tend to disagree the most with this point, though some polishing could make this GUI simply awesome.

3. Yes, the experience is pretty bleh. In fact, the font all around is pretty undesirable. I’d suggest a more ‘playful’ font to go with the theme.

I do love how it plays on the theme, however. And I love the setup. Once I’m done with all these edits, I’ll get to work on my custom GUI layout. Have to say I’m liking this, though. I abhor the buttons on the left side all squished together.

Overall, it’s a nice job. The graphic content could use a bit of smoothening, but it is a very nice layout.

Yeah, I made the text of the EXP,HP,and MP Bar black so that is shows up =). And it’s a bunch of squares because I beleive that it fits to the style of Squiddle Online: Simple on the outside, but complex on the inside. And please do move it, Ballie =). I wasn’t sure where to post, because I wasn’t really showing it off, I wanted help with it as it’s a WIP. And yeah, some polishing would be nice, though I’m not sure what I could do with it =S.

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