Which Visual Basic?

Hi, I’m new to this and I’m just wondering, what version of Visual Basic 6 am I supposed to use to edit the source codes? And btw, is there a cheaper or possibly free alternative to Visual Basic 6 I can use? 😕 Thanks

Hello Elena, and welcome to Eclipse.

Answer to question 1: You will need Visual Basic 6: Enterprise Edition
Can’t answer question 2.
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You’ll need Visual Basic 6, preferably Professional or Enterprise Edition.

There aren’t any free solutions to VB6, unfortunately, and the only legal way to acquire it, is second-hand.

Though, you can get VB6 pretty cheap if you go out looking (no, I don’t mean eBay; I know someone who got VB6 Professional at a computer show for $10).

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@Ezmek: You do realize that answer to question 2 is illegal, and against the rules (as we are not allowed to talk about the illegal methods) here, right?

oh lol really?  didnt know, now i’m going to get executed.

Okay… thanks guys 😛 (Sorry I got you in trouble Ezmek xD)


oh lol really?  didnt know, now i’m going to get executed.

Actually, I’m suppose to mute or ban you (have you read the rules?  There is zero tolerance for this), but I edited your post instead.

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