Voobus & Sgt_Munch - Minecraft Extravaganza

Me and a friend decided to do a simple, vanilla let’s play of minecraft. He has much more video than I, as this is my first set of videos. It’s only for fun, I don’t expect any sort of popularity or monetary gain from any of this, I do it purely for entertainment for myself and the few who chose to view them

– If anyone is interested in let’s play-ing with me, shoot me a message!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Updated the post with Episode 2! My statement still stands, if anyone is interested in playing with me, message me! :)

Lemme join, lemme join…


Probably not on this particular let’s play, but on future ones, that’d be great! Or we could even do one on our own, either or sounds good to me.

Updated original post, again. Episode 3 is now available!

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