Second day in a row 1-inch hail!

This lasted a lot longer than yesterday as well! The storm went from 2:45pm-3:15pm, and it was hailing the whole time!

Do you have an animal, if yes, was it outside?

We haven’t had hail in a long time… and if we do we don’t notice because they’re so tiny.

Wow. That was all hail?

Holy shizzle!



Do you have an animal, if yes, was it outside?

Yeah my cat was inside, and he didn’t like what was going on at all!

rofl. i remember the Nh line storm, lasted like 2 weeks without power, that huge ice storm, took alot of crap down, it was this year. u remember that?

Ohhhh, that looks refreshing!  ^_^  Right now here we have a lot of odd air pressure and it makes me a little sick in the bones.  I wish it would storm and be done with it!

Side note, you live in such a nice looking aria!  I love the back yard!

Awww, I went around the yards looking to see any damage… the poor maple tree out front isn’t liking it, it seems like half of it’s leaves were knocked off. Also I came across a robin that looks like I got stunned by the hail. It’s standing ok and it seems fairly active, but when I approach it it doesn’t fly it just hops away. I hope it can recover, if not we’ll have a dead robin in our yard soon.

Poor Bird.  DX  I hope it gets better.  And the poor tree as well.

Yeah I’m not sure about either. The maple tree hasn’t done too well the last few years, this was the last thing we needed. Been an odd season, we didn’t get much snow until April, and now we are getting tons of hail in June… usually June isn’t this wet for us. It’ll be a desert by mid July though.

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