New Bank?

is there a way to either get a new bank or make this bank easer to use. My problem with this bank is you have to select tiem then empty slot :which is ok" but then cliock the deposite button 500 time sbasically for it to work and it dosnt always work.

The problem is that you have to click on a specific button for it to work since the button in VB6 is 1x1p, i will try to fix it and supply a fixed version.

thank you so much

Yea, see this attached image, to see where the actual buttons are.

It’s a very simple fix in VB6, located here:,44128.0.html

I managed to fix it but it is not tested since i have an annoying RTE that i can’t fix. Attached is the fixed client, replace it with the client.exe in your client folder. Please reply here if it works.

Edit: I got it running, i tested it and it works.

Thank you so much it worked

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