Source Question: Player Name

how can i add my character name in the form.?

for example i logged my character named: Afterdawn
it will reflect in the game like “Name: Afterdawn Lvl: 5”

huh o.o please make it simpler

he probably means like when you log in it will show your character’s name, followed by the level.

fortunately, this has absolutely nothing to do with source.  you can change it simply by going into the server folder, opening data.ini and looking for where it says Level = 0.  change that 0 to a 1.

or simply script it. post this in scripting questions

no need to script. just need to change something in the data.ini of the server side.

heres a screeshots, i think this will clear everything.

in the upper part, theres the character name and next to it is the level. how can i make my name appeared in the game.
this picture was from mr.miguu here

So what do you want? The character status window? Or the name to pop up with the chatbox when you speak?

dunno if they are refering to the form or how to make their name and lvl appear over their head…

meaning “in the form of”

I’m going to guess and just say Their character name,lvl,class like in the top left stat window…

I’m not 100% sure correct me if im wrong but you would use:

Top stat bar:


```One below Top stat bar:


Think those are the ones you would need to use to compose the system..

a character status window. like in the picture.

do i need to create a label besides the player level in character status and put this code in the source?


those are just strings to start on, you have to learn to use them to create your stats window, if you add them how I typed them in they will not work 🙂

search them in the source and look at how they are being used and then read up in the sadscript command list on a definition of how they can be used and search more in the source… you will be able to make something with them. 😉

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