I need some 64x32 Sprite Accessories

I was wondering if any of you had the following, or if you could make them:
~Wolf Ears/Tail
~Wings (Not Angelic/Demonic)
~Tiger Ears/Tail
~Monkey Tail

Again, if you guys have or can make any of these, please let me know. Thanks in advance. ^ ^

do you mean like paperdoll, or just regular items or whatnot?

Paperdoll, if possible.

Excuse my double post, but I’m in serious need of the wings.

What sprites? We can’t paperdoll without spites

Eheh, I found some ^ ^;
But I do need someone’s help
for something else.
Can you Paperdoll me a sword (any)

And if anyone wants to paperdoll me anything else, that’d be fine too, I’m terrible at it. :l

you only just need to check the paperdoll section of the forum. ^^

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