My Third Incident.

After this topic, I was given the idea for this game.

Read this first:
Today in school, one of my best friends dropped to the ground, off his chair, and started squirming around. He was having a Seizure.
His eyes were attempting to look at his brain and he was foaming from the mouth. He made a bunch of squirmish movements. It was freakier than you can imagine.
When he fell off his chair, I was about to laugh, as does everyone when someone falls off a chair, but there was silence. I knew something was wrong. My teacher started calling out his name to see if he was okay, and he screamed at the closest person to the door to go and get help.
Another teacher rushed everyone out of the room and told us to go home (it was the end of the day).
Freaky. But it gets worse.

When I got home, my Mum said I should go for a swim in my pool out the back. So I got on my Swim Gear and went outside.
Now, my pool is freezing. When I say freezing, I MEAN freezing, so I didn’t get in yet.
My sister was already in and playing with my baby brother. For a couple of minutes, me and my sister started arguing.
Then all you could hear is “SPLASH!” I turned my head to see my baby brother in the pool, under the water, and he can’t swim.
I had a sudden reflex that launched me into the pool, completely disregarding the cold and not hearing my sister’s screams, and lifted my brother out of the pool.

Some time later, my Mum told me a saying: “Things happen in three.” That was two today, what’s going to happen next?

I’m scared out of my mind right now.

What is the third thing to happen? It’s up to you!

You walk out of the pool and back into the house. You then realize you forgot to dry yourself and got the carpet wet. You vacuum the carpet up and the bag breaks open. It turns out you had old, moldy peanut butter crackers in their and they spray in your eyes and nose. You get swine flu from the crackers and end up in the hospital. 3 weeks later, walking out of the hospital, a flying pig drops shit on your head, you get ‘swine flu’ again.

Now THAT is original.

a car crashes into your house as you are about to walk in.
It explodes, you’re knocked unconsious, wake up in 1973, turn out to be a copper.
And Life on Mars by david bowie is playing in the background.

Oh, and your name is Sam Tylar.
You have to work with Gene hunt aswell.

Forgot to mention that after fighting to wake up, you realise you prefer 1973 then jump off the top of a building die, to get back there.

7 years in 1973 pass before you hit the bottom, and in 1973 you die after driving into a pond in an epic car chase.

Then a series called Asghes to asghes starts starring Alex drake(it just finished on Monday)


Beating up the wrong guy…

You get kicked in the testicular region.

by an alien.

With a bottle of Guiness.

Who shit himself.

This is not the 3-word game! >=O

You develop a strange rash then receive an awkward phone call from a close, male, friend.

A rash? Ohhhkay.

he means rash on privates then a phone call from a gay friend.

Not necessarily gay. Just curious. 😜

A ice-cream truck crashes into your house, you get scared, have a seziure, fall in to your pool and drown.

A taco bell delivry car crashes in your house and you get tacos for 2 years.

Cthulhu rises and eats your soul.

You become pregnant.


You become pregnant.


…and shit yourself

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