Please fix this

i have sprite problems  :renzo:

Jesus Christ, man. 1.2mb for a screenshot?

Save as PNG.

:afro: :icon_beer: :renzo:


The problem is that you have, at one point or another, saved your sprite set in a lossy type. You’ll need to re-download the original sprite sheet.


take a random and outrageous color (like hot pink), and use pain bucket on the first pixel. then you make every pixel you want transparent the same color. then, just use the paint bucket tool and make it black again

…what kind of answer is that?

i dont have the patience

Aaron, like robin said, you saved the sprite sheet in JPEG. You need to save it in BMP or better form. TIP- You should never use JPEG in Eclipse except under special circumstances.

You saved it as a jpeg, and it blended the colors with lighter shades of black.

yea just find them and put them back in and save it as png again

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