Website tutorial section…

Hi i am new to this forum and i noticed that on the website:
some links to the forum don’t work, i think the topics are deleted or something, could someone erase the links that dont work? I have checked all links and here are the broken ones :

World map Tutorial,
Custom Tileset Tutorial,
How to Recolor Sprites,
How to make Tiles,
How to pixel Shirts,
Another Sprite Tutorial,
How to Rip Tiles,
How to Rip Sprites,
GUI Making Tutorial,
Ultimate Guide to Sadscript,
Arrays and Strings,
Multi Variable Commands,

i hope someone fixes that  :sad:

sry for my bad english, i’m a German 😄

Greetings Walkmanguy ^^

You said you are German, you may as well forget all of those tutorials and just read this one – it is the best:,45566.0.html

But if you want other tutorials, I’d recommend you check out the,34.0.html board, as those tutorials on the website are very old (and as you said, broken); the working ones are outdated, and some won’t even work for the current engine.
Take a look at these:,36286.0.html

Welcome to Eclipse :azn:

well it would be cool to update the website…^^
and i know the threads i already have read that one from serdradox and it’s really good ^^

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