Why…. I wont die!!

So… If i happen to die on any else class than Class0 (buccaneer), the player suffers EXP loss and regens health, but doesn’t warp… Only thing that doesn’t happen is warp on classes 1 and 2. 0 Works great… What’s wrong??

Paste your Class ini file for Class0 and Class1(or 2).

Done at the beginning… Now even if i died on Class0 it didn’t warp O_O

Think he ment on the forum

Oh… But i found out what was the problem. If player never visited the sea, he cant be warped… Can i somehow create the playerlogin.ini file:

…When player makes an account or character?

    Sprite = int(GetVar("accounts\" & GetPlayerLogin(index) &".ini", "CHAR" & GetPlayerCharNum(index), "noboat"))

EDIT FOUND IT!! no need for help…

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