Alot of Lag!

Yes, I have made edits to my server and client’s sources, but, all I have done is move around objects in the client and added 2 more cases in handle data and tcp connection or w/e.

Either way I do not think either of those are causing my client to hit 200,000 k of memory usage of my system. It will work normally for about 5 seconds then for anotehr 10 it will go down to like 5 fps. Any ideas?

How big are your maps? Big maps, lots of NPCs, lots of objects on the ground, scrolling maps and a bad host computer will cause lag.

Try running your server on another computer then logging on, on your client.

The maps are 60 by 60… I guess that could be the problem 😕


The maps are 60 by 60… I guess that could be the problem 😕

It might be, it all depends on your computer specs and graphic sizes.

The huge memory usage is down to the amount of graphics you’re loading at once.

Set up a surface system to unload any unused surfaces, then re-load them when they need to be called.

If I were to load all my graphics at once, I’d use around 100mb of memory. With the graphics being loaded and unloaded dynamically, I barely use 5mb.

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