'Sup dogs? :cheesy:

Walks in like I haven’t been gone at all

I’m banking on 3.0 not coming out in my life time, (because my momma told me never to put all my eggs in one basket) so I want to use 2.7.  Trouble is I use Linux and to get my windows computer adapted for the Internet would cost me money I don’t feel like spending right now.

How do I get 2.7 to work in the Wine?  Is it even possible?

Also I’m curious, how many of you have stopped working on a game at all because you are waiting for 3.0?  Because stopping is lame.


Yes, yes I have been missing and not working on a game.  You want to make some thing of it? :rolleyes:

Also because work has been insane and I could vanish to that horrific realm of “RL” at any moment I want to talk about a game some one could make in one week end.  That’s right, start to finish what sort of game could be made on the fly.  GFX and all.  (I’ll discount music for this musing because it’s my post and I can.)

Toss me some ideas and I’ll take up the challenge if I can get the engine working.

Gimme golds plz XD

If you want to roll with that Mad Max game idea I had I can dig up what sprites I have made (just a buggy chassis), and send them to you. I could try doing some terrain tiles as well. The only complications to that idea I had was trying to make cargo capacity different for classes (like the buggy couldn’t carry as much loot as a truck, etc.).

That might be fun.  Can we make variable speeds some how to make a part of it a racing game?

Even if we had just one speed one could have a track with a lot of hazards.  Maybe tiles with fire or buzz saws!  And cars could have GUNS!  XD

I’m not talking to you, first day in a month you aren’t on hidden mode, and then when I say hi you leave!

😢 😛 :icon_alabanza:

It’s not my fault!  Some one keeps inviting me OVER AND OVER to the same chat that I keep having to decline OVER AND OVER!

I stay all invisible to keep the ANNOYING people out.

And that is horribly off topic!  We should be talking about how to get Eclipse 2.7 to work for me so I can amaze you with my non-existent gaming skills!

Or how to make a CHEAP game!

Well, here are some sprites I made, simple and fast stick people.  In game there will be about 10 diff colors and like this shows, boy and girl sprites.

But that still doesn’t hep me get the game to work!  DX

AHAHAH you can’t see it on a black background theme!

Post another color!

I know this is General Chat, but I just have to say:
And uh, I think SOMEONE ported it to wine?

Can we track that some one down? This could be the most epic stick game of all time!  I already scribbled a gun AND a pipe wrench for tools/weapons!

I’m going to go make some rock awesome hats next.  I may even make total head hiding helmets.  And more guns.

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