Is this sprite male or female?

Is this sprite male or female?

It has short hair, and would be a good male sprite, but look at the feet. Is that a girl?

its a male lol

rofl its a male

Reverse trap.

so you actually couldn’t tell!?!

That’s definitely male. There are a few where it’s kinda iffy, but I think that one is with out a doubt male.

Yup… male

Male… He’s badly hurt… Male… Women won’t fight so often than this guy does 🙂 …Male…

Male, you can tell by the facial expression and hair.

It’s a female in my opinion. Why would males have that kind of feminine look?

I also am going to say female.
Unless it’s a guy that’s cross-dressing (look at the skirt, and the shoes).

Maybe its Cross-Sexual? :huh:

The thing in the hair isnt a bandage, its a little scarf-ish thing made for the head.
Honestly, just look at it.

It doesn’t have boobs. It’s a male.

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