Ban Error 62

Hi, i have an error 62 that involves me being banned. IDK why this is happening to me. I deleted myself from the banlist and i get that. I am really confused. I am testing it through visual basic 6 enterprise and i get a error with

Input #F, fName

This is the source that includes the error

Function IsBanned(ByVal IP As String) As Boolean

Dim filename As String

Dim fIP As String

Dim fName As String

Dim F As Long

filename = App.Path & “\Data\banlist.txt”

’ Check if file exists

If Not FileExist(“Data\banlist.txt”) Then

F = FreeFile

Open filename For Output As #F

Close #F

End If

F = FreeFile

Open filename For Input As #F

Do While Not EOF(F)

Input #F, fIP

Input #F, fName <–---------------------------[thats the error btw]

’ Is banned?

If Trim$(LCase$(fIP)) = Trim$(LCase$(Mid$(IP, 1, Len(fIP)))) Then

IsBanned = True

Close #F

Exit Function

End If


Close #F

End Function

I am really confused and i cant test and edit my game now. If someone has a solution then i would very much appreciate it ^^

Close the server, delete the banlist file and try again.

Never add names directly to the ban list. It causes the error.

YAY it worked. I was starting to freak out if i had to start again. Ty guys ^^

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