Standby time

Hello everybody.

I looked Google but i couldn’t find anything about this topic.

How can i add standby time before “SendAnimation (Player(Index).Map), HICCUP_ANIM, (Player(Index).x), (Player(Index).y)” .

Call SetPlayerPOINTS(index, GetPlayerPOINTS(index) + 3)

Call SetPlayerExp(index, expRollover)

Select Case GetPlayerLevel(index)

Case 16

If GetPlayerClass(index) = 1 Then

SendAnimation (Player(Index).Map), HICCUP_ANIM, (Player(Index).x), (Player(Index).y)

SetPlayerClass index, 6

SetPlayerSprite index, 2

SetPlayerStat index, Strength, GetPlayerStat(index, Strength) + 10

SetPlayerStat index, Endurance, GetPlayerStat(index, Endurance) + 10

SetPlayerStat index, Agility, GetPlayerStat(index, Agility) + 5

SetPlayerStat index, Intelligence, GetPlayerStat(index, Intelligence) + 10

SetPlayerStat index, Willpower, GetPlayerStat(index, Willpower) + 10

SendStats index

End If

End Select

What you really want to do? I didnt understand

Sorry my English is bad.

I edited first mesage.Do you understand now?


I don’t understand what you want to achieve. Do you want to make an idle animation when the player doesn’t do anything for some time?


When player is to 16 level, he must wait 4 second for appear the animation on him.

I think I understand, you want to “block” for 4 seconds the player when he gets lvl 16, and then an animation appears on him.

The animation appears when he get blocked, or the 4 seconds later?

Player levels up, pause/delay code, animation plays.

Thanks for comments.

I added Sleep code and my problem is SOLVED.

Sleep 4000
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