Hello Everyone, I’m Lonnie. I started working with Eclipse back in 2008 with Total Eclipse and then migrated to Eclipse Evolution 2.8

After about 2 years i ran into trouble financially and had to shut down the server but now am back. I am gald to see that the eclipse community is still strong and a new version named Eclipse Origins has been developed.

I am no longer giving the server my full time attention and there for will not be updating to the origins system. My old game formerly Eclipse 2 has been restructured into Dreamscapes, A simple small community for friends to gather and explore while chatting in a friendly environment.

Over the years of inactivity my main.txt was destroyed and the functioning Quest system i had in place was lost, I have the basic framework it was designed with but need assistance in getting it up and running. For now there are no scripted NPC’s.

If anyone can assist i would greatly appreciate it. I know that it is an older system that is not supported by the site administration any more but I would like to restore my former game to is original functionality.

You can contact me at:

[email protected]

[email protected]


[email protected]

My temporary site is:


Here you can find the basic client. Come enjoy the world.