Main Menu Explosion GUI

Title says it all…

NOTE* The GUI is the attachment…if you didnt knowtice… :afro:

Could do with a border and some better burrons, but I like the background.

Will be nice when you finish it and add the GUI portions.

Thanks and I will try to do some of those things 🙂

depends what type of game this is for but for the right game this would look awsome

cant see the Buttons. bold them.

Hmm… This could be sexier. I think the buttons are just too dark. I recommend white text (that is not italicized) with a see-able drop shadow.

All this would need is that the text stands out a little bit more than it does. But the rest of it works very well.

Is there anyway to dim down the background a bit? It distracts me from what I need to see, the buttons.

The buttons need to be either darker or a different color than the back-round because they blend in entirely too much for my liking.
I do like the image you chose though, its pretty trippy and cool.

And maybe custom font? Its simple.
And unless you use a different color button, i wouldn’t suggest you use the same color from the back-round for the text color


Yeah a boarder would be nice, can’t really see… ;(

You should align the text and give the buttons a little but of texture.
I think o_O.

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