Stackable Potions

Hi Eclipse, i try to add stackable potions but i cant. How to Stackable Potions?

There is a tutorial for stackable items in the tutorial section. Or look at how currency is handled, and work from that. Because the information you provide is next to nothing, that’s all I can do.

You can either use a base I have been working on which includes a Stackable option for items, you can make your own, or you can follow the tutorial.

Link to the base: Eclipse - The Final Frontier

Cool :)!! thanks, I rip the system D:, but the problem is the drop and use. I use stackable item and does not disappear and cant drop. Please help :(!.

I have a few questions for you.

  • By using stackable item you mean?
  • Doesn’t disappear from where? (Inventory) (Map) (HotBar)
  • And what happens when you right-click it?

This might be a bug in my engine as well. I will have to look it over.

1. Stackable Potion, i use and does not disappear from the inventory

2. Inventory

3. Use the Stack Potion ( No drop ) EDIT:* The drop working now :)

No, i test your stack potions in your engine, and work D:!, please help :(!.

oks , escfoe it is ur engine xD b/c i showed you same thing with the lvl up item when it was set to stack.

hes saying the item even tho it was used it would not be consumed so to speak. XD…

nothing wrong with the droping tho O.o…

I fix this, thanks escfoe2 :3.

Have a problem with bank withdraw currency items :c!.

Well be kind enough to share your solution with everyone. Make things easier for newbies and people like me that need to focus on more important things.

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