House Template

I kinda made a house template for you to use if you wanted to create a 3d pixel house… do of your command with it…

Including…MY WORK!

looks a little sloppy

Not gonna lie - it looks horrible.

Its not really for eclipse, is this what this forum is for throughout? Or am I mistaken?

You’re mistaken, but we do have randomness sections, and sections for video games, and cooking, and stuff.

Looks cool, gfx wise, its simple, but its got a nice feeling to it

I think its cute 🙂

Looks pretty cool if you have alot of tiles and sprites that fits with it 🙂

if only beau was still with us…


if only beau was still with us…

Not a good idea.

wtf is this supposed to be?

lena i just noticed im in your sig.


I think its cute 🙂

I Smiled.


if only beau was still with us…

you’ll be the first one to get fried 🙂

Zkid - it looks you’ve got your perspective wrong 😞

I never really tried ISo whatever pixel art 😛 but I really wanted to try so, yeah…but trust me…it is better than my stickman drawing of me… It looks like a munkyYeah a munkey with stiches mutated with the body parts of a praying mantis…

its got some potential if you really use your mind and think 3d + movie…

Looks ok  😛

Proportion is way off. Doesn’t really resemble a home, maybe a fantasy-semi high tech- pokemon-ish shop.

I got all excited when I thought this was an actual house template… Its mislabeled, in no way, shape or form is that a template…
sobs Somebody do me an Isometric house template now pl0x.

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