Forest Tileset

so i want to use tales of pantasia tile set from http://spriters-reso…han/sheet/32407 to create my forest. cept the tileset is kind of messed up the borders all wierd and i cant seem to do the foliage style that tales of phatasia uses with these tile sets i want tiles that make it look like the character is walking underneath the tree. not behind but underneath, I.E have a top down tree tileset. if this tileset can be fixed is there another option or tilesets that do waht i want?

Each tile in Eclipse is 32x32 pixels. Just rearrange keeping that in mind, and keep fiddling with it until you’re satisfied. Other than that, I can’t really help you.

If you have the tiles you should be able to do it. I am not 100% sure what you mean by be underneath but not behind. Screenshots to explain?

Also that sheet looks like 16 x 16 so resize it to 200% in photoshop or paint.

what i meant was i wanted a canopy tilset so it looks like im walking under the trees not behind them- also thank you for that i will resize to 200% and see if that improves anything

If I am understanding you correctly, just mask part of the tree, and fringe the other

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