Paper Dolling

DJMAxus’s is awesome cept how do i port this over to EO? is it possible?

Also everytime i open EO it keeps saying wrong password and i am forced to create/register a new account/ character is that a bug or do i have to do something to prevent that?

It is Possible 🙂 But you need to Convert it.

Dont use an long Username / Passwort

Maximal length is 11 (Username) after that will it mess up with the password…

Download vb6, and open up frmMenu and add

txtRUser.MaxLength = 11

To your Form_Load function And they will no longer be able to use anymore than 11 characters

ok so ive tried my best to find out how to do this but i need help with paperdolling is there a way to do paperdolls in EO 2.0? do i still have to render each of my weapons in photoshop? is there a paperdoll tut for EO thats recent and doesnt have broken links…

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