Portforwarding Problem.. So Close, though

Greetings, I’ve been lurking around the forums before I officially made an account. I spent months reading on Portforward tuts and after fruitless efforts, one morning I went to canuseeme.org and entered my ipchicken.com ip and the port. To my amazement it was a success. I also tried on Marshy Dearest Dearest’s status checker just to be sure and boom, it was also online.

I thought I had finally done it and set the ip and ports correctly. However, the client still couldn’t connect though. I would appreciate some help because it’s like there’s this one single wall standing in my way and I need thor’s hammer to break it.

Thanks for taking your time to read.

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If your pc hosts the server and your trying to connect to the server from your pc then you will have to use localhost. Otherwise it won’t work. Portforwarding is for other computers to connect to the server hosted elsewhere not to connect to the server from within the same network.

A’right, i’ll try that :D thanks for answering… Greatly appreciated.

EDIT: It worked already :D Guess you’re right! My players were able to connect now without hamachi! Thank you soo much :D

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