HippaPiffaPoof [Paying Position]

I am using. EO - Event System.

List of things I may/will need:

I have a new GUI made. So I want the UI moved around since obviously I can’t do it myself.

A Guild, I’d perfer to call it Clan, system. We can work out the details of that since I don’t care to much for it, I just know people will like it.

A World Map Travel System. This is prob one of the most important things to me. An old game I used to play had it so that is something I’ve always wanted in my game.

If possible I would really like animated tiles.

Mp3 Capabilities. Very Important to me as well.

There WILL be more to come. This is just a few things I will be needing for meowww.

So in accepting that what I am creating is for my own personal use more so than anything else, I also accept that my coding skills at best are bleek, and if I want to make fast progress I need someone with far better skills than myself. I am looking for someone who has good math skills and is able to code things for me in a timely fashion. I will pay according to this:

Every completed job or task will pay whatever, myself and the person coding decide is a fair rate for set project.

For example say I wanted a Guild system. I would pay per item so in retrospect the faster of a coder you are the quicker and more money you can make. I don’t honestly know what the going rates are so really I am willing to let you decide more what you think is fair that I should pay you. I am a very trusting person of people in this community so I will assume you would not rip me off because from my experience of being around here for years off and on everyone is very lovely.

Now this part is very important!! Everyone I have tried to deal with so far has yet to respond and keep consistent contact. I have a certain date by this summer I need a lot of this done, because there is a festival I will be going to where I am doing advertising with a banner and such so I need a lot done by then and I will have a lot of tweeks and things I will need added to the system. So in order for me to have successful advertising I need obviously a game able to be played on some sort of a level above mediocrity. But I digress because really for the most part that concerns no one but myself. So I need someone who will please take this, if not serious, as a bussiness where you will get payed according to and for your services.

Now what you are here for: Payment wise I have no problem paying up front. But that is only have you have done a few set things so I am able to see that you are serious and I can trust you. Also if you want to be payed up front I prefer you have reference or some source backing up your skills and involvement in the community as a whole. And like I said we can discuss personally the rates. I won’t be to picky and for the most part I am going to do what I can to meet your needs coming from my end of the gravy train. The quicker and more efficient you can be the more I can pay you.

FOR PEOPLE Interested in HippaPiffaPoof and helping:

For the most part I have decided to take on this alone, with what I can do alone, because this is something I am making for myself and people around me to enjoy and have fun. If you want to help msg me and let me know what you would like to do. For the most part I prob don’t really want help but if you really would like to help then by all means please msg me. But if it in the music spectrum that I deff will refuse any sort of help lol. And all the GFX for the most part I have a handle on myself.

Thank you for reading and your time. You can reply on here or msg me for more information and if you have any questions. Thank you again and have a great day. =]

You should make a list of things you’d like to be made,

That way people can actually see if they are able/willing to do it for you ^.^

a list of what you want would be handy… :P

edit, ninja’ed xd

Done lol.

most of those are easy enough, mp3 will pose some problems, especially due to licensing and stuff i believe

i can do those things, most i allready did a few times xd

licensing I forgot about so I guess nevermind on that… Damian have any type of msger or anything?

errr… forum pm’s? xd

I believe I could do this, please feel free to message me. We can discuss everything via PM.

do what? lol

Well, everything on your list, other than the mp3 part.

to late 🙂

Darn, oh well. Congratulation Damian, I can vouch for you because you have helped me before when I started with eclipse.

Not sure if you didn’t want to use this for some reason, but figured I’d post it if you didn’t see it and save you a couple bucks on a guild system.

Darn, oh well. Congratulation Damian, I can vouch for you because you have helped me before when I started with eclipse.

thanx mate :)

its not the lack of guild system, but the lack of coding i believe scot ^^

i ofcourse used your one, im not gonna reinvent the wheel :)

although i used to have a larger one, custom for pokemon game, yours works very well :)

besides, i think i did it very nice and quick for not much money :P

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