Without installing anythin

whats a site i can download my game to for everyone to play?

Do mean like a webclient?

You would have to use the Flash Engine by Baron, or a java engine to make the game playable in browser.

It is NOT possible with any VB6 version.

how would i do that : / change the engine?

Considering we have no idea what engine you’re using, we can’t advise anything really. Swizl already pointed out what is and isn’t possible. Figure out what your engine runs on, and work from there.

Just do what I plan on doing. when they download your game have everything packaged with it so it all gets installed at the same time. The end user should just be able to install and play regardless or any conditions. Many games install their Run Time Files when you install the game, most major games do.

Theres 3 ways people can download and play your game:

1.) Create an archieve and archieve your folder to a .zip, which can be uploaded to a file host such as MediaFire

2.) Use an installer creation program in which it installs the runtime files and the game, and places a shortcut on the desktop

3.) Use Flash Eclipse as an engine and upload the flash from a webclient and ftp details

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