Need Help Making a Beautiful Treff

I need for my game a beautiful tree. This tree looks like it was crapped out of a limping blind kids backpack. Help me fix the squirt stain of a tree. I just need opinions… Insulting ones would be nice, just take note the style I usually make my gfx in, I want this tree to be like the Great Deku Tree of my game… So nevermore. What would it take to make this tree great. I’ll give like 40 forum points of mine to the best suggestion. ❤ Cameron


I would think you’d want to add some detail on the base, some roots from the floor rising up the side of the tree.

Some more shading of the tree based on your tilesets light direction woul;d be good too, the leaves are very same same.

dat ugly eye hurting green

I think you may want to redo the whole tree… And look into some tutorials.


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