Holdout - Sci-Fi Tower Defense Game

Hey everyone, my name is Brody Murphy and I’m a developer at Voltisoft.

We recently made a new Tower Defense game that I’d like to let you all in on.

LINK TO GAME: http://www.mediafire…4ynceapt8app5x6

SCREENSHOTS: http://i.imgur.com/sHbmHN3.png


Press 1-6 to activate placement mode.

In placement mode, you can leftclick to place a tower.

The number you pressed determines the type of tower.

-The Plasma tower deals moderate damage to a single target but is very cheap.

-The Chain tower deals low amounts of damage per shot but fires quickly, chain turrets deal double damage to enemies with less than 50% HP.

-The Shell tower deals high damage per shot but fires slowly, shell turrets deal double damage to an enemy with over 50% HP

-The Blaze tower deal damage over time to all enemies in an are around it.

-The Railgun deals lots of damage to enemies that are in range of it, but cannot shoot close to itself. It can hit critical hits that deal double damage.

-The Reactor slows down enemies in range but doesnt deal damage.

Press U and left click a tower to upgrade it.


-More enemy types.

-More Maps.


-Programming and Balancing by James “PenutReaper” Hill

-UI and Game Design by Kevin “SnowShinobi” Higgins

-Music by Brody “Katzy” Murphy

-Sprites used are by the guys over at lostgarden.com, check them out for some really cool free graphics stuff.

Have fun,

Voltisoft & Team Mythic

I hate this. Game is looking good from informations, but no screenies :( I am not going to download anything without seeing any screenies of it.

LOVE desktop tower defense games, will download soon and will leave feedback

placing towers was hard, they seems to plonk down anywhere really… the npcs walked the determined path which is obviously the idea… but i can place turrets on said path and they walk over/under them. whats the max wave? im on wave 49.

edit 2:

Sorry, really got boring after wave 50 ish, i ended up using cheat engine to speed things up… got to wave 90 odd and then let my self die. Really need air/anti air, boss warnings and make them boss like. All i used was Rail guns… hope this goes somewhere and i didnt waste my time writing this :(

add a online high score feature!

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