I’ve been rummaging through my pixel art work and found some sprites that I was going to use for a game. I no longer need them, as the project is dropped. I figured I’d give it a shot and see if people would be interested in buying them.

The spritesheet is 4x4 frames, and these sprites are roughly 30x60. There are six in total. 3 male, and 3 female. There are three stances with each gender: Normal, Shield, and Two-Hander. Here’s a rough idea of what they look like.


  • $5 for 3 Male or 3 Female sprites
  • $7.50 for all 6 sprites

By buying any of these sprites, you and you alone have the right to use them for both free or commercial use.

My paypal account is MatthewChrobak@hotmail.com