Anybody able to help me with buffers in orgins… I’m new to the engine and I am failing with these buffers… any help would be appreciated.

There are 2 buffers. One is for graphics (generally used everywhere) and the other is used in Eclipse (not sure if it is used anywhere else)

A buffer basically means a temporary position on the RAM where data is held before being used.

In the eclipse networking the buffer is an array of bytes that holds data to be send from the client to the server and vice-versa. This array after being ‘fed’ the information is then sent.

In graphics a buffer is a picture. (for example a bmp) You should know that while a frame is being shown on the screen there is will be an idle time for the graphics card. This idle time can be utilized effiecently by using a buffer. Since a frame is being shown it shouldn’t be ‘over-drawn’. Therefore a buffer used. To this buffer the next frame is rendered and when the current frame has finished rendering the frame rendered from the buffer is ‘fliped’ onto the screen. After which the next frame starts to be rendered on the buffer.

I just need help on how to use buffers to send data.

You could check out how the other subs send data and do the same thing. If you tried that and it doesn’t work then come back and we can help you.

I did try, I keep failing… I can’t seem to figure out why.

What exactly is the problem? Packets not sent? Packets not received/handled?

Idk… I just need a tutorial on how to send/receive buffers i guess…

So you didn’t try it? Check out the wiki I made a tutorial there.

Whats the link?

Go the wiki and find it or search for it.

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