Flashing/ odd shaped graphics on some pc

installed my game on my win 7 desktop(i7 gaming rig) and my wifes win xp EEE(netbook) machine both work FINE

Installed on friends windows 7 lap top ALSO fine

installed on his win 7 desktop and my friends win 8 laptop ( both good gaming rigs) and theyhave issues

the main login screen the buttons show from the GUI graphics but the actual clickable button is an inch under it and only appears after a mouse over

Also the game window appears much larger and all aspects of the GUI are misplaced and also have the same button issue. the map appears the same size however has an additional 5 tiles worth of black space surrounding the map.

Any ideas? is this a resolution issue? we tried changing the desktop res and had same issues. Would changing the res in game fix this?

are there any know issues with the display?


o-o…… … … . wow anyways its nothing new idk y but sometimes this happens for some ppl. seen it happen to a friend. if i find an answer ill tell ya XD

I just think its odd that its perfect on an EEE machine…I guess ill try to send out a patch that disables hardware acceleration and see if it fixes it …

Set the DPI to 100% - that usually fixes things like that.

syn is right, this is due to different DPI settings. not hardware acceleration or anything else, just let them change it and its good to go :)

I will have them try today and if it works ill mark this solved.

Ok however that seems like somthing that should be default 100 percent am i right?

Is there any thing i can do in the code that will be a work around for this issue?

think the default is about 96 actually.

to detct dpi, you should do a google search, i think its somehting with the GetDeviceCaps api

edit, or check this reg entry:



HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowsMetrics\AppliedDPI

What it seems is a value of 100% gives a DPI of 96. So is it the dpi that needs to be 100 or the percentage.

dpi 96, and percentage proberly 100 :P

WELL looks resolved however if any one knows of any vb6 code that i could put in to force change the DPI of the user please let me know.

Marking this resolved.

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