Online Server

Is there any way to host my server World-Wide without portfowoarding or Hamachi.

I tried using http://www.touchofde…-up-no-ip-pics/ web direct but then an error pops up Address in Use.

You can purchase a VPS

Such as:

Or you can search more or ask a friend to help you.

You can purchase a separate router and get a computer you don’t use and host on there if you’re afraid of DDoS (which believe it or not every game in the world has probably been DDoSed or close to it at a point)

Or have a friend do it if they’re willing to.

There’s probably tons of ways to host a server but those may be some of the most common :)

Hope it helps

Okay thanks Right Now I am going to use Hamachi for my Alpha


Awesome glad I could help :D

Also tip for using VPS

It helps to get windows VPS :P

missed the resolved tag, damn it >:( stupid greaser. ugh

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