Hi, I’m Yukiro. I’m the head Developer over at PokemonRumbleOnline, this topic was because we, PokemonRumbleOnline, are looking for Mappers and Graphics artist with outstanding talent.

Below you will find any info that you need about the game.

! PokemonRumbleOnline is a free to play orpg, our goal is to make all of those unsatisfied Pokemon fans happy. This game is in no way affiliated with Nintendo. The game has a nice interface appealing to our players, however, we’re currently in closed beta, this is for staff purposes only, the game has constant updates on progress keeping our users in the loop, we’re also looking for mappers and graphics artists. We are a mixture of Pokemon Rumble and Pokemon Mystery dungeon this sets asside from other Pokemon orpgs besides the fact that we’ve made a substancial amount of progress although it’s no where near the point I want it to be, still working.

! Admins:
! Wacko
! Fernz
! Blue
! Developers:
! DeathTheKid
! Toakaka
! Mappers:
! DTK (Not DeathTheKid…name is just DTK)
! Exalted
! Moderators:
! Rich
! Tsuna
! Byakuya
! Graphic Artists:
! None

! I don’t see a need to use special colors, reading should be enough, not trying to sound pompous.
! Recruitment = 70% (Rather well developed atm)
! Assembly = 40 % (Basic Assembly atm)
! Job system = 0%
! Optimizations = 60%
! Other = 20% (Lot more to be done)

! Town Cross:
! Town West:
! Warela River:
! Menu Example:
! Warela Beach:
! That’s all for now, more will be presentable as it’s updated, but we’re still in a noob stage, just much further than most trying this.

! As I’m a respectable individual I only see it fit to do the respectable thing and pay people their due.
! Eclipse - For this Engine (this includes the developers etc)
! Zesh (Giving this game a base start before I found it’s team)
! Sherwin (Belly system, I also saw his menu system and used that idea, just advanced it)
! Credits to the one who did the minimap believe it was Erwin?
! Credits to PMU/PDR/ PMD for the graphics help.
! Credits to the pro team for their participation in the making of pro.
! Credits to, Rex for the GUI design and so on and so forth.

Our Website:


We’re currently in need of:

2 graphics artists

2 mappers

1 Person who can handle making promotional videos and promoting the game to help build a bigger fan base (There is no rank for this) you will still be considered part of the team and given your credit.

Please send me a pm with some exmaples of your work and why you’d like to join the PRO team, we’re the next big thing, so get in while you still can. I will state this early, we have no need for slackers or people who will join the team and goof around. We’re a team of mature individuals (sometimes) who are looking to seriously expand this game.



First post edited, it’s now has work not needs work.

Bumping this, we’re still in need of staff. Feel free to post your application here or shoot me a pm.

I’d like to apply for the graphic artist.

I’d like to apply for the graphic artist.

That’s great, send me a pm with this information:

Age: Optional

Gender: Optional

Why you want to apply:


Examples of your work:

Can anyone vouch for your work: Optional

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