Old World [WIP]

Old World

  • 2D Top-down Sandboxy RPG
  • Based on Exploration
  • Crawl dungeons and bum candy.
  • Inlfuencable dungeons with mechanics.
  • Many planned features listed below.

Base Concept

! Old world is a project I started somewhere in January. I decided i wanted to make something different. Not just a generic 2d fantasy/medieval RPG. There’s thousands of those already and if i were to market an online game, i would have to come with unique features, and not just the same, old grindfest. While i strive for uniqueness i have ripped elements from popular games such as Runescape and other games. As much as i care for originality, i think my game needs to borrow features from other games that made THEM popular.

Planned features i wrote down.

! * PvP Everywhere except town hub
! * No Classes

  • Physical Damage/Magic Damage system with Armor And Magic Resist
    Learn spells by exploring/Finding treasure/Killing Bosses/Doing Quests
    Hidden Treasures
    Rare Tent Housing System
    *Hunger/Thirst system. When you are full, you have HP Regen slowly. When you are starving/thirsting, you move slow.

! When you are starving to death(food/thirst meter reaches 0), your HP decays. Mana doesnt regenerate.
No HP Regen, you have to use food/potions unless you are full hunger/thirst.
Vehicles - Cars, Carts.

  • Rare, Runescape-like crafting combining items.
    Zelda-like boss battles.
    */Bounty to set cash bounty
    *Wanted System, Penalty for Pkers, /check players to reveal PK status to everyone. When revealed, town guards will

! capture you(events). If in touch with player, send to jail for 30 minutes(use Wait command) After 30mins, teleport and 
! remove PK status.
*Part-time Jobs in the Hub/Town for money.

  • Deliver Letter
  • Get milk from milkman
  • Sell fish
  • Chop firewood for old man

*Time-based conditioned Events. (Certain things can happen at certain times). Gives a dynamical feeling.
*Chance to become sick when using Consume Items. Cured with products from Herbistry skill. Sickness removes MP Regen

! completely. Makes thirst and hunger rate 1000%.

  • The Flu
  • Common Cold
  • A.I.D.S
  • Stomach ache

! *Energy. You become sleep-deprived after a very long time without sleep inside an inn. So make sure you sleep before 
! heading out.
! *Dungeons and other places will have influencable mechanics. Lock people in rooms for durations using global event 
! system. Activate traps. (Call custom script that creates animations on tiles, 
! that loops over and over, dealing dot damage for a duration, enough to kill somebody)
! Screenshots
! Only ONE city?
! >! Yes. There will only be once town in this game. This is the main hub where you’ll be storing items, trading with other players, buying some supplies, tools, etc. You will also be able to sleep in the inn here, or sit by the town bonfire to regen energy. Sleeping is a faster way of regenerating energy, but sleeping in a bed inn costs money. The town will include many things like player npcs where you can rob to become a criminal and train your thievery skill, use their sinks to get water, Use the Inn’s cooking range. The city will also contain an Auctioneer that lets you use the auction window. More features are planned ahead. The city branches off into different routes where you will explore dungeons and wilderness. The routes will be long, complex and mazey so if you die, you go straight back to the town.
! I made a text file that i update regularly to plan what to put in the town. Here’s what the text file says
! > Inside the village:


  • Rest to recover HP. Cooking range with recipes to train cooking.

Water Pumps:

  • Fill Water Containers(vial, glass, pot, bucket) with water. You can drink the water and restore thirst.

NPC Houses:

  • Cooking Range
    *Rob-able NPC’s using Event System. Custom Script calls Criminal Status(PKER Status). If an npc is robbed, it will say “Help, i’m being robbed” as a chatbubble. You don’t want anyone to see this, so be alone in the house, as other players would /check you and reveal your criminal status to everyone.
  • Sinks that act as water-pumps.
  • Fire-place. Increases health-regen. Although it would be faster to just pay an Inn, this is free.
    *NPC’s that live in the houses, fulfilling different functions, depending on their character.
  • Gardens, you can grow crops in the lots, farm them and use the herbs for herbistry. Growing is instanced and uses the Wait… command in Events. Self-switches to be able to be picked and give exp + item.
  • Treasures/safes inside NPC houses.

Market Square

  • Has a fancy fountain in the middle.
  • Auctioneer guy Event opens auction house. He stands on a pedestal near the fountain.
  • Tiled, stone floor/Quartz-like color with fancy pattern.
  • Market Square has VIP-Vendor with cosmetic items.


  • Shady guy in an alley-way. “Hey, you wanna become VIP? Only five bucks for a month, bruh.” Yes = call custom script to website’s donate page. No = “Oh, okay. You didn’t see me here, alright?” Moves to one of three possible alley-ways after this.


  • Basic herbistry material vendor
  • Basic tools vendor.(Axe, hammer for smithing, Knife, Needle, thread, fishing rod, pickaxe)
  • Low-grade Cooking Supplies. Also buys ingredients. (cash money)

Town Jail

  • Lock up Caught Criminals for 30mins in here as previously mentioned.
  • Also Jail rulebreakers permanently or temporarily in here.
    ! PVP And Combat
    ! >! There are three types of combat, archery, melee and magic. Archery and Melee deal Magic and Physical damage while Magic deals Magic damage. There are ceratain pieces of equipment that offer Armor and Magic resist that lower damage taken from these damage types(ahem league of legends). This will be used to counter your opponent in PVP as well. You can bring different sets of armor for different reasons as they will have multiple benefits and cons. This game will not follow a tier-based equipment system that neglects lower-level armor. A big part of PVP will be the influencable rooms in dungeons. As said before, there’s pvp everywhere, which means somebody will be after you and/or your party. If you clash in a dungeon/cave, you can use buttons and levers to lock your enemies in rooms and other places. Traps can also be armed with the right items. This can be achieved easily with EO3.0’s event system. Upon death in PVP you don’t lose any items, just experience. Your experience is drained by your killer, so PVP is still worth to consider in most places. I will also add a dangerous PVP zone, where you lose all your items on death.
    ! Credits to other people
    ! escfoe2’s EFF
    ! Mega Eclipse

Seems like a very unique and cool project. Having only one city will definitely be interesting to see in action.

Sounds interesting, but with the whole, pvp everywhere except the hub doesn’t quite work. If any players get bored, they can stay outside the town and kill all the lower level players, I’d have a few areas for lower levels to level up too so that they don’t get slaughtered.

Sounds interesting, but with the whole, pvp everywhere except the hub doesn’t quite work. If any players get bored, they can stay outside the town and kill all the lower level players, I’d have a few areas for lower levels to level up too so that they don’t get slaughtered.

This was one thing i quickly tackled.
In PVP, You can only attack other players that are 7 levels higher or lower than yourself to disable high level bullies. Also, there are several routes to take other than just one, so leaving the town can be done through many exits.
I’ll probably add some sort of timer that gives you stun and damage immunity for a bunch of seconds when leaving the town.

Thanks for the thoughts, though. 🙂

Dang, you did give that thought! Sounds awesome, I’ll give this game a shot once it’s released 🙂

Dang, you did give that thought! Sounds awesome, I’ll give this game a shot once it’s released 🙂

Although it will be a long time, i’m looking forward to it, too. 🙂

Came up with a new idea:

*Hold shift to sneak. If sneaking from far away(7 tiles away minimum) you will remain invisible. This way, you can sneak up on unsuspecting targets and ambush people.

Project is still being actively worked on.

Mapping the first route atm. 🙂 (wip)

The game is now in testing. I’ve patched a couple of bugs and made a bunch of skills trainable.

Graphics are really nice! Did you make them?

A few of the original soundtracks uploaded by the main composer:


Please check it out and follow him if you’d like.

Day/Night system made, lots of patches made and changes to combat and more content added.

Graphics are really nice! Did you make them?

Yeah, thanks.


Great job!

This project is dead, i’m working on a rework. Please close this thread mods, i cant do it because i lost my original account Tic Tac 2.

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