PicScreen offset problem.

its about a tile space on the left and top that its offset from. idk why its off like that o-o…. b/c of the off set im walking off of the map this isnt helpful… so anyoneknow of how to make the offset return to normal??? o-o

—Resolved— <at lest="" this="" error="">adding< into conventmapx>

  • Camera.Left

adding< into conventmapy>


fixed the problem of map being offseted weirdly.</at>

Hmm, any screeny’s?

also which engine?

what modifications did you make so far?

Engine : moded Eo 2.3

what ive added? spell scaling,exp npc to player lvl, custom main menu , fullwindow game, rendered gui, chat drawing, guild system by scott,deathbeams picguild addon, sherwins lvl up item, real defence , converted warp menu<convertion by="" damian="">. probly few bug fixs and other small stuff.

i think its the gui texture,

-Screenshot- <croped down="">

the spot with dash border is me trying place tile to test. same at the top.</croped></convertion>

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