! Im too happy to have a Quest System in my mod, thx so much for Alatar;
! But I think that the option “Give Item on Start” in the Quest Editor, was wrong coded, becouse I haved all slots free
! and still sending me the message:
! “You have no inventory space. Please delete something to take the quest.”
! So taking a look in the ode, I found that:
! In Sub HandlePlayerHandleQuest
! ```
If FindOpenInvSlot(Index, Quest(QuestNum).RewardItem(i).Item) = 0 Then

>! So I change it to:
>! ```
If FindOpenInvSlot(Index, Quest(QuestNum).RewardItem(i).Item) > 0 Then

! And “Give Item on Start” worked, maybe was a litle fail in the code (?)
! That post is for whichever have the same problem, hope it helps

EDIT: I dont know WHY… but failed again, and I haved to change to “=0” for correct working again, this is very weird, at least for me

coz I am a newbie in programation :S I hope that the code is “ok” for now…!!

EDIT2: So, I see that when Im testing the “Give Item on Start” in a Quest, it sends me the same message, and then I have to change

again the code, and when I done the Quest, I have to recode again, litle frustrating… :P