Error Server Side

I was trying to add this tutorial: http://www.touchofde…c-attack-speed/

To Dragon Eclipse, and now I get this server error when trying to test

Ahm first why an SSTab ???

Then you have that name already somewhere 😉

Then what do I do? I didn’t make the custom client I’m using.


Ahm first why an SSTab ???

Then you have that name already somewhere 😉

Or the parameters are wrong for the Click event, or there is no Click event.

(1) Check to see if you have more than one of the same sub. You can do this by pressing ‘CTRL + F’ on your keyboard, entering Sub SSTab1_Click, and clicking the ‘Find’ button. If it appears anywhere else then you must remove one.

(2) Check your form(s) to make sure there IS in fact an SSTab1. If not you can remove the sub completely.

(3) If you DO have an SSTab1, check if the Index property is empty. If it isn’t, you either have to set the property to nothing or

you can cut the code from Sub SSTab1_Click, remove the Sub completely, then double click on your SSTab1, in the top

right hand corner of the code editor use the drop down menu to select the ‘Click’ event and paste your code in there. You

may also remove the DblClick event sub too unless you plan to use it. Won’t hurt or change anything either way.

I’ll do a little more research to see if there’s anything else I can find. Let me know if that helps.

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