Drop from npc

Hi, I have a problem with Drop npc you see is only the number 1 = 100%, I can not throw that type “,” no “.”

You might not be able to put there “.” because it might be checking to make sure its numeric. So, put there “0.” first.

I try Matthew and dont work :<

Are you using the multiple drops and percentile chances? If so, what happens when you put there 0.1?

No i use standart drop same in eo 2.0

Standart drop pf eo 2.0 isnt with % there is 1 out of 100

so is at 1 the changce 1 out of 100 logically

100 = 100 % normally

Except that when I drop it always 1 0.0

then add the % tutorial

I try add this tut and i can’t attack monster i delete account , map and npc :<

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