How to add to driectdraw for different place to draw?

READ FIRST: (any reply that isn’t helpful to the topic of my question i will ask a mod its removal. so dont post in here to get points >.> )

oks i have a gui i want drawn with the directdraw7 it has a back color tobe removed like how the blood is done for example. but i want to target each gui base to its own pic drawning panel. for a full window UI style gui. my bases are done i just dont understand how to put it into the drawn and target my new drawing spots for it.

Example <below naming="" is="" just="" example="">Gui image part: 01.bmp

Target: picGChatbox

i want the image drawn to the “picGChatbox” surface with the background color removed.

if some one could help show me an example todo this it would be helpful and would be able help others with this problem if they are trying same idea with the gui like me.

if you got a question that will help you answer my question/help request then ask if it gos with this topic.

No this tut" LINK" will not help since im not drawing to the picscreen , nor will it explain how to add a new drawing target.


solved mostly-</below>

The way I see it you’re wanting to draw images to a chatbox/gui with an invisible/transparent background. If I have this right so far. I’m using a source called Eclipse Mega. This source uses DirectX 8. You haven’t specified what source you’re using so I’ll assume you can reference this one. I, myself, would look at how the Client is rendering the Option buttons to the GUI menu just to start. With this you’ll see how the button pictures are brought into view, so add another statement to the rendering of the chatbox/gui adding your picture to it. It’s a theory but I believe it’s accurate. Now, for having a transparent background, you’ll use a paint program like photoshop to set the opacity/transparency of the image. After that, loading it into view should do the rest. Again, I’m referencing EM, you’ll most likely need to do the same to understand.

Welp, didn’t see you said DD7, this is only for DX8. My apologies. Since I already replied I’ll see if I can’t come back and edit this with more pertaining information. -And here’s what I got:

Rob Janes

There’s just no easy way to get that ‘look’ and ‘feel’ without upgrading to DX8

Try this tutorial here .

It might do what you need done as long as you set the images background to transparent beforehand like I mentioned above.

xD… 1 the rendering to picscreen is extremly complex to me.

look an feel? just want bk color gone and rest to stay. o-o not talking bout half transparecy. i mean color"masked" out. or how its refered to. o-o

u can draw as much to the screen as you like dont mean we know how to add the function crap above it o-o.

Then I’m having a really hard time understanding what you’re asking. What do you mean by “bk color”? Are you referring to the background to an image? Like say you have a square image with a sword in the center and all the color around the sword is white. The background of that image is White. Are we on the same page here? Are you saying you want the white to go away like items and such in DX8 sources? If so, use an advanced paint program like I mentioned above to turn the white background (or whatever color yours is) transparent. Then use the tutorial code to display the image. That should do it.

oks i render the UI as a whole texture to the picscreen how do i render other stuff too it?? like labels,the bars for hp/sp,spots for the hotbar, textbox for the chat. and render image buttons(the click spots to open the lil picboxs (example: picInventory)??

Edit got a work around for labels XD… so now just gotta figure the click spots and txt box input. XD… and do buttons o-o

If you’re trying to render these objects to basically hover above the game screen and have transparency then you have to use DX8. You simply can’t do it effectively in DD7. I’m sorry. If you want to show things above the screen WITHOUT transparency then you’ll simply make objects like Picture boxes and such and use the “.Visible” property.

You CAN’T efficiently make objects like picture boxes, text boxes, buttons, ect, transparent over the picScreen in DD7, you just can’t. You can however make pictures within pictureboxes. transparent. Not much of a point in that unless you’re putting a picture over a picture.

idk only bug im having its rendering order. fringes are poping above it. other then dat i got itworking other then the buttons. which will be last. o.O so far everything ppl say cant canbe done. when you say cantit just you dont know how. anyways

thanks for giving me help bout drawing to screen.

: )

If you’re getting what you want to work, then we weren’t on the same page lol Either way, I’m glad you’re gaining progress and I’m sorry we couldn’t come to an understanding.

if you look at my other topic maybe you can help me there ? :)

if you look at my other topic maybe you can help me there ? :)

Add a link to that post and I will. Also, I didn’t say it can’t be done. I said it can’t be done effectively/efficiently.

But again, we apparently weren’t talking about the same things :P

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