would someone be abel to get me 2.5d spirites or tell me a easy way to make them?? thanks alot : )

not really a question… this should be done in either the talent section

Ambardia has free to use graphics http://www.ambardia….eeGraphics.html

but notice that you need to give the credits to the original maker Reiner Prokein

or just google it ,LOL

wow thanks their nice, anyway i can use the maker he does?

also i couldnt download the graphics there was no buttion to do so : (

you cant use the

“maker” he is using. and i guess you know how to save an image right?

if not :

1. click on the image

2. right click on the image

3. save as.

4. choose the files destination

5. go to where you saved the picture.

and you are done.


i figured out that you only need to click on it…

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