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The day was calm, Mario and Luigi were finished helping Peach that day when they arrived back at Professor E. Gadd’s Laboratory. The place was an absolute mess! The floor was cluttered with books that were thrown around and forgotten about, and 3-4 chalkboards covered the labs walls, all scribbled with the professors gibbity-hib-hob. Mario AND Luigi couldn’t figure out what it meant, even putting both their heads together. The strange thing about the situation was the professor was no where to be found. Mario and Luigi ventured upstairs, where the doom laid before there eyes. Bowser, Mario & Luigi’s arch enemy with Professor E. Gadd, caged. Bowser bellowed in laughter. “I’ve done it again!” and he bellowed once again. The time machine behind Bowser and the Professor began to light up and spark. Mario and Luigi knew exactly what was going on. Bowser made the run for it, bringing the professor with him, his head clanging against the cage. He squealed to Mario and Luigi’s assistance, “Help! Help! Help, me Mario brothers!” Bowser began to take off in the time machine, the doors clanked shut, and Bowser and the Professor were gone. The only thing that laid on the ground was a star. Mario & Luigi picked up it, stuffed it in their pocket, and began another adventure.

What is “Mario & Luigi: Blast from the Past Online”? Its a 2D MORPG (Multiplayer online role-playing game) based of the series of Mario. (Quite frankly if you don’t know Mario I should hit you). It’s being built with the Project Vertigo engine ripping 2D graphics from Super Mario Bros on the Nes. (The good times). It will include never before seen features to even the simple Mario humor that its games have. Its a Mario experience, online. More information will fill this area as time comes.

There are currently 4 playable characters, 2 from each faction within the game.

Team Mario Bros.

The Mario Bros. do more damage than its opposing team, Team Koopa Bros. They are also a bit faster, but are limited as far as attacking goes. Players must strike enemies by jumping on their head. This leaves Team Mario Bros. vulnerable is some and most situations.

Team Koopa Bros.

The Team Koopa Bros. have more defense than its opposing team, Team Mario Bros. Although they are a bit slower, they have ranged projectiles that can be thrown at their enemies, as well as being able to jump onto enemies. This leaves the Koopa Bros. protected most times than not.



CMFiend420 - Owner

SanxJu - Forum Moderator

Currently Searching For:

[1- 2] Mappers - Requires: Skype, Mario Knowledge, Examples of Work

[1] MIDI Creator/Collector - Requires: Skype, Mario Knowledge, Examples of Work, You can create your own MIDI’s/MP3’s or collect mario MIDI’s around the web

[1] Server Host: Will be contacting Mortal Angels or Ne[o]x

[2] Forum Moderators - Requires: Maturity, Responsibility, Professionalism, Activity, and the desire to work

Feel free to apply! We are always looking for staff!

Bump! Still currently trying to fill positions.

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