Add New Characters

Ok everyone, I’m wondering if anyone knows how to add a new character class, I have tried but it made a .bak of the old which I left then tried to move when it didn’t work. So I’m wanting to know if anyone can help. I tried editing: modPlayer.bas in Eclipse - Event System 2.3\server\src, if that is not what I should have edited then please let me know.

Isn’t there a .ini file that handles classes server side? If there isn’t, then my apologies. I’m not familiar with engines different from EO 2.0

are you using EO ?

thanks Matthew, there was a .ini file, I wasn’t looking where it was, thanks a lot. Also i have EO 2.0, the folder just got named wrong… I have no idea how it did.

Thanks Mattthew, there was a .ini file, I apparently over looked it, thanks again! also, I’m pretty sure i do have EO 2.0 but the folder was misnamed.

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