Ill pay a amazing coder

i need a coder. i have eclipse advance,

all i want is for someone to code a special bar like runescapes in my game i will give details when someones intressted

You have two topics like this. Be patient.

You should also probably include what you want done, how much you are willing to pay and details about your project.

ask deathbeam

first off JC Denton Denton Denton stop with the money crap not everyone can afford to payout….

next i think i understand what you want

you want a NEW Vital bar"special"

if this is what you want look how mp/hp/exp are done, (this will get it on the form) now how it will work you need figure to wat will effect it and in what way…

geting the bar up isnt hard part its the functionality that you gotta know before asking someone to help …

I’m an amazing coder. But you’re using EA. So no.

I have this system already ready (i had it in my old version of prospekt). Just shoot me PM and we will discuss details.

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